Five main reasons in falling love with Gong Yoo

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Translated from Japanese Magazine “Korea and Asia TV Guide” Vol. 15 (Part 1)
Published on 22 March 2008

Translated by GongYoo@PTT

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無 人可及的無上笑容、美麗的眼淚,顯示出他的溫柔與人品。總是讓我們深深著迷的演員‧孔侑於1月14日入伍服役。『我會抱著是去拍攝電影鉅作一般的心情,在 軍中好好努力!』留下這句話而離去的他,還留給我們很棒的禮物。長達200多頁、全新拍攝的寫真集,以及追蹤他出道至今軌跡與成長的DVD。希望一邊緊緊 擁抱著過去六年來的他,一邊等待著兩年後嶄新的他回到我們的身邊。
His enchanting smile and beautiful tears have fully displayed his gentleness and personality. This actor  Gong Yoo, who has captivated our hearts, was enlisted to the army on 14 January 2008. “I will treat this as if I’m filming a blockbuster movie and will strive to do well in the army!” he said on the day of his enlistment and has also left very good presents for us – 200 pages of photo book and a set of DVDs that traced all the way back from the start of his career in showbiz to where he is now. Let’s hold on tightly to the past six years of YOO as we wait for the new YOO to come back to us two years later.

Five main reasons in falling love with Gong Yoo!


His smile seems to have some magical effect and made people feel warm. He looks cute even when he behaves like a playful puppy (of course that is during filming). His angry look and sleeping face increases one’s heartbeat. The most charming area is the corner of his eyes!


The idle look of his eyes. His waist line. His face, body and kisses brought out all the charms of a man. Such sexiness made people go breathless.

Nice body built

Small face, long and slim limbs, muscular chest and wrists. If he takes off his shirt, that is even more attractive. His nice body built displays the charming and sexy side of a mature man. Even those weird looking fashions look perfectly well on him!

Frank and sincere

From the way he interacted with his fans, we can sense his sincerity, thoughtfulness and seriousness. The Korean bow he did to those who were present on the day of his enlistment also reflected his sincerity and how touched he felt towards his fans.

Mixture of different types of charms

His cute and manly side, warm but cool at times, when he shows his concern gently, frank in expressing himself, during filming....... a mixture of so many types of expressions and charms. He is a very unique man.

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