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Gong Yoo meets with 5,000 fans during drama promotion 
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Korean actor Gong Yoo at the "Coffee Prince 1.5th Shop IN United States of Odaiba" at Odaiba in Tokyo on August 22. [N.O.A Entertainment]
Korean actor Gong Yoo held a promotional event in Japan for hit TV series "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" over the weekend, according to his agency N.O.A Entertainment on Monday.

N.O.A announced that the actor met with about 5,000 fans for the drama event held by Fuji TV called "Coffee Prince 1.5th Shop IN United States of Odaiba" at Odaiba in Tokyo on August 22.

He performed song "I Love You" by veteran singer Han Dong-jun, spoke about filming the show and acted out his love confession scene from the drama with a fan.

An official from N.O.A explained that Gong Yoo's fan base increased after the drama's showing in Japan, with more male fans and those in their 10s and 20s in particular.

"I want to sincerely thank all the Japanese fans who came to the fan meeting. I am extremely happy that we were able to spend this time together even under the hot weather," Gong Yoo was quoted as saying, adding that he is glad that it was a great opportunity to reignite people's interest in "Coffee Prince."

The actor will be returning to Korea tomorrow after his appearances on Fuji TV's live variety program "Warrate Iitomo!" and on radio talk shows Mnet Japan, BS Broadcast and Rainbow FM.

"Coffee Prince," which first aired in Korea three years ago, made its premiere in Japan on August 11 as part of Fuji TV's "Hallyu Alpha Summer Festival." The broadcaster is scheduled to air the drama "One Fine Day" in October which also stars Gong Yoo.

Born Gong Ji-cheol, Gong Yoo made his debut with a role in KBS' TV series "School 4" in 2001. He appeared in more than a handful of dramas and films including "My Tutor Friend," "S Diary" and "She's On Duty."

He rose to fame throughout Asia as the male lead in the SBS' drama "Hello My Teacher" (2005) and in "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" with actress Yoon Eun-hye.

Gong Yoo is currently preparing for the tentatively titled "First Love" alongside actress Lim Soo-jung.

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Korean actor Gong Yoo at the "Coffee Prince 1.5th Shop IN United States of Odaiba" at Odaiba in Tokyo on August 22 with about 5,000 fans. [N.O.A Entertainment]

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Okie! Lets go to Odaiba land where Oppa go for Α Korean Special Events Summer Festival today at 12:00-13:00 (JPN time)
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Here the place called "Fantastic National Stadium"
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By the way, This event do not allow  any photography, video and recording but i found this pic made me smile this evening.  ^^

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As i understand, This event only has a 2,000 tickets but 5,000 fans around a stadium. (Wha!!) and A LUCKY Cute girl kiss Oppa's cheek (for his Birthday's present?) Oppa get surprise from lots of fans by Birthday Cake and They sang a Birthday song for him together. Oppa express his word like "It's nice for me to celebrate like this."

Anyway,Some update from JPN fan's blogs (Thanks:),They said that it will broadcast this event tomorrow.(August 23) Umm...i guess may b at Fuji tv isnt it? idk Just wait and see.

From gong-yoo.jp

【放送局】 フジテレビ 
【放送日時】 8月23日(月) 05:25~08:00

[Mezamashi TV.] >> http://wwwz.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/mezatv/index.html

Fuji TV station

[TV] on August 23 (Monday) 05:25 to 08:00
It is currently scheduled ※.The program content, may be changed without prior notice.
Please note.

Sound like Ent news production in the morning something. Very very early morning and i cant wake up my time wish some fans can upload it later:P For some of you can try to watch this i recommend this program KeyHoleTV . Its always work for me.^^ One thing, dont forget check your local time. lol Enjoy your time with Oppa's broadcast. <3 Good Nightttttttt.