[News] Love Song for You Mini Live Concert

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English News >> http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/09/gong-yoos-live-stage-in-japan/

Follow this link, it is the same update @ gong-yoo.jp yesterday but more details about how to get a ticket  and sell a goods. 


「Love Song for You」
【日 時】 2010年12月5日(日) 15:30 OPEN / 17:00 START
【会 場】 横浜アリーナ http://www.yokohama-arena.co.jp/
【料 金】 全席指定 10,500円  (126.051 USD)

Roughly Summaried by me and Special thanks to minimhom. ^^

Coffee Prince Shop No.1: Gong YOO gonna hold a special Live in Japan

gong-yoo.jp, an official fanclub Radio cooperate with CJ media Japan will hold "Love Song for You" mini live concert in December,5 at Yokohama Arena.

This performance "With YOO" will arrange a special songs for YOO...


Oki, this is a main point for a news, but i guess there is more detail about this from Oricon Interview, i will try to roughly summary as much as i can but thats all for now cause im so tired tonight. Good night everyone. Zzz