Attention Please!

posted on 26 Nov 2010 22:41 by gongyoo in YOO2010
This is my last post here.  t_t  even if i cant update through this blog anymore but you can meet me @ because im the one who admin there.A very long story about Gongyoothailand which i have to be continue and choose only one. My YOOBlog@exteen where i can relex anytime i want. its like my little world between YOO Oppa and me but for Gongyoothatiland if you decided do something dedicated to someone you love, i think i have to choose Gongyoothailand go on. Thats why i quit here.  Please understand.
For Gongyoothailand, its mostly update in Thai language BUT i still quote Original News in English so if you guys dont mind just visit anytime! BUT for someone who want only English sources i would like to recommend 2 sources you dont miss it .
Yoohouse@ Soompi >> You have to register first and then log in and discuss here
Gongyoo Lover@ Multiply >> The same thing if you are member Multiply site you can join this group and there is update system through member e-mail.
Dear Ji Cheol Oppa...
Dont hate me ok! im still support you not here but as Gongyoothailand. Oppa...i love you i love you and i love you...My Big Brother! Fighting!